Learn from the best.

Improving, reflecting on and measuring your performance to learn is one of the greatest assets in the real estate industry. However, you should look elsewhere for support and advice, especially if you’re new to the game.

Let’s get philosophical for a second. We live in a world that is subjective. What your consciousness has tasted flavours whatever you’ll experience. This applies to the way we see ourselves, although this also means that all of us see the world differently. That goes for your sense of your skills in addition to your reflection in the mirror. This has implications for your work as a realtor. Confidence is an important characteristic in a salesman; however, your prospects can be alienated. There must be some truth in optimism.

The only way to address this problem would be to balance your perspective as a broker with all the brokers around you, and the top performers are the people who have done this job for themselves. Begin with maintaining and building your relationships with agents and your fellow agents, the people you find. You’ll not just strengthen the network you have access to, but listen to their success stories in addition to horror stories. Take the time to ask questions. Offer to buy them a beer or a coffee when an agent does not have the time to assist you during work hours.

Concerned about your rapport with prospects? Get someone whose opinion you trust to listen to one of your sales calls. They might be able to point out errors or a tic which you are not able to see. Not getting the response you need from your advertising? Get comments from someone who has it figured out.

Next, your attention should expand. Step outside your workplace and discover which agents are the very best in your community or area. Do your research. What are they currently doing that others are not? How do they market themselves? What tools do they use? Look at their numbers. What business are they currently doing, and where are they doing this? You may say that since brokers are independent contractors, they won’t be prepared to disclose their sales secrets. True, but if there’s one thing people in the real estate profession (in any profession, actually) love, it is being seen as an expert.

You are telling them that they’re worth consulting by consulting a peer. You are validating they’re years of hard work. Additionally, you’re telling them they are successful at what they do. That doesn’t mean they will give up their advantage but it does mean that they are able to help the little man.

In fact, the secret which individuals are currently keeping is they don’t actually know what they’re doing. If they have true wisdom, they will have no trouble sharing some of it.

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