What coloured contacts say about your fashion style

Fashion trends may not last long but there’s one fashion item that looks like they’re here to stay and that’s colored contacts.

What started out as something only the elite in the fashion and music industries could acquire is now available to almost anyone. This is just one reason that the best coloured contact lenses, Australia has available are still in such high demand.

The varieties of colours and shades are seemingly endless and there are always new and unusual coloured lenses coming out. With the growth in the market, being able to make a fashion statement has never been easier. The tricky part is how to bring that special styling together in the best possible way.

How to make the strongest fashion statement

It doesn’t really matter what item you’re talking about because something new and exciting that you wear will get you noticed. That’s one of the key reasons that coloured contact lenses work so well.

To start with, one of the first things that people notice about someone is the colour of their eyes. It can often be more noticeable than what they are wearing. That makes wearing the best and most captivating coloured lenses a powerful way to grab the limelight.

Then consider how much of an impact you can make if you couple the power of coloured lenses with a great new outfit you’ve put together. Talk about having the Wow factor working for you.

That’s just a huge winning combination that is bound to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Why your fashion sense can look sharper

What style you wear or what fashion look you’re going for doesn’t really matter if you want the best. No matter which looks, you can always do with a little help. That might come in the form of talking to a professional stylist or a friend in the fashion industry.

Whatever you do, make sure you have one of the most eye-catching elements working for you. That’s where coloured lenses have come into their own.

Everybody hopes to find something unusual or unique in order to make their own fashion statement. With a pair of coloured eye contacts, you have that and more.

A striking blue, a seductive brown, an alluring green or a stunning grey as the new colour of your eyes will get heads turning your way. Only you will know that the spectacular look of your eyes is not your real colour.

It was in the 80s that wearing coloured contact lenses really took off. Now people with dark coloured eyes could have light coloured eyes and sales went through the roof.

These days almost anyone can have a pair of coloured lenses to suit their mood or match their style. It’s a special slice of styling that looks all the more natural with every new innovation.

Mix and matching and mismatched eyes

A powerful fashion trend that really throws out convention is mixing your pairs of contact lens colours.

Having mismatched eye colours is not something for the faint-hearted or shy types, because seeing two different shades in someone’s eyes is definitely a striking moment.

This is a look that few people have ever been gifted with. What started out as a celebrity and movie star look is now available to everyone who wants that unique and unusual look for themselves.

You can be;

  • Brown and green
  • Blue and grey
  • Light and dark coloured
  • Or any combination that you think works for you

Having something like one eye in the shade of a honey brown and the other eye in the shade of sea green is definitely an eye-catching look.

It’s a simple and incredibly effective way to make your very own fashion statement without having to spend a huge amount on a new outfit or hairstyle.

The added beauty of coloured lenses is that you can mix and match as much as you want in your own bathroom mirror to see which combination works best before you launch it in the outside world.

A fashion favourite for Cosplay

In the fun and sometimes cut-throat world of Cosplay, there is no better asset to have than a pair of the perfect coloured contact lenses.

All the imagination and preparation you need to put a special Cosplay outfit together must have the right coloured lenses included.

This is why Cosplay contact lenses are all the rage right across the globe. With the increasing number of Cosplay devotees and the growing number of events, having the right Cosplay lenses is crucial to success.

There is almost every possible colour and shade to suit your favourite character and make your Cosplay costume the absolute best. It can be fiery or demonic eyes, ghostly white contacts, fantastic yellows or gruesome green lenses. The list goes on and on.

It’s hard to find a professional Cosplay star who doesn’t use the best of the best in Cosplay lenses. It’s a winning way to go. The secret to this not so secret ingredient is the quality of the look you get from the quality of the coloured lenses.

Coloured contact lenses for any occasion

Whatever you do when it comes to making your very own fashion statement, make sure you have a pair of coloured lenses as a part of your look.

There’s a fabulous range of quality coloured contacts that cover every look possible, from Natural, Cosplay, Halloween, Fancy Dress and even the all-eye covering Sclera lenses.

Remember to look for quality coloured lenses that have a high water content, a clear statement of where the lenses were made and that you buy quality certified coloured contacts. The health of your eyes is more important than the look you are going for. Something like an EU quality certified brand is a great benchmark.

That way you can enjoy your fantastic new fashion look and know that you didn’t need to break the bank to do it. That’s another advantage of having the top quality coloured lenses on your side.

You can have a sensational new look that gets you all the attention you’re after and you might be the only one who realises how you’ve pulled it all off.

That mesmerising look comes from the top team in coloured lenses. Isn’t it time you became a MesmerEyezer?

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